RIM Blackberry: 29 seconds (outside competition)

Posted by Mark Rejhon , Wed, Dec 11, 2002, 04:11:19 Reply   Forum

RIM Blackberry 950.
Manually timed, error-free.

These were my best attempts after about practicing approximately three dozen times after memorizing the whole paragraph. 181 thumb keyboard button presses.

29.0 second
29.5 second
30.0 second (3 times)
31.0 second (2 times)

I am a hearing impaired person (See my website, http://www.marky.com/hearing/ for more info) and my Blackberry 950 is my deaf equivalent of a cellphone so I use it very heavily so I get lots of practice on it.

I learned to thumb touch-type on it (even with my eyes closed, or typing on the thumb keyboard in the dark). I have to bet that the TREO user that exceeded 80 WPM is also a "thumb touchtypist".

Upon request I can capture a AVI video of my thumb typing and provide a witness. But since Blackberries are not part of the contest, I am just submitting as a matter of interest.

Mark Rejhon
(Rejhon Technologies Inc.)
Related link: http://www.marky.com

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