Clarification of the Palm, Pocket PC, and Thumboard categories

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sun, Dec 08, 2002, 18:38:43 Reply   Forum

There has been some confusion on the definition of categories which this message attempts to clarify:

Entries in the Palm and Pocket PC categories should be entered with a single pen. Any entry entered with two pens should be submitted in the Thumboard category.

The Thumboard category itself is defined as: "keyboards designed to be used with your thumbs, such as the Treo..." The intent of this definition is to accept entries that are entered with the two thumbs, as these keyboards were designed to be used.

By extension, it is acceptable to use two fingers that are not necessarily the thumbs, or two pens.

On the other hand, for entries in this category, it is not acceptable to use them with more than two fingers as mini-keyboards. Without this limitation to two fingers, it would be quite difficult to draw the limit with real keyboards like the PPK.

Jean Ichbiah

PS. The possible confusion came from the "such as... " clause being understood as defining rather than just stating examples of devices operated with two thumbs.

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