Will we see 85 wpm?

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sat, Dec 07, 2002, 22:48:29 Reply   Forum

With two more weeks to go until December 20, I am beginning to think that someone may reach 85 wpm or 28.23 seconds. Just look at the table of current results and you will see about ten or twelve different contenders who have the potential to do this kind of jump in the coming two weeks. Not to forget the possibility that some new participant will break into that club!

It seems to be in the nature of records. When we did the Dom Perignon I contest, we ended up with three results over 60 wpm and Marcus Macrae, who provided the winning entry at 64.9 wpm, did so only on the last day. We now have already 10 entries that are better than what Marcus did.

The difference appears to be one of expectations. In 1998, we did not really think it would be possible to go over 60 wmp. In 2002 we take it for granted and set higher expectations. Moreover those who have watched Faith Perez and Ken Chan on video have learned from their continuous technique with a light touch. Watching them gives an impression of remarkable speed but in no way does it give the feeling of something that cannot be further improved!

Jean Ichbiah

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