Nope, affects both WPM and time on highscores screen

Re: I thought the bug is on the WPM... -- Erwin Franz
Posted by oe1k , Wed, Dec 04, 2002, 11:17:27 Reply Top Forum

Nope, affects both the WPM and the time on highscores screen.
For instance: in this entry it must be 36.08 seconds, for two reasons:

1. The calculations line up: 2400/36.08=66.518847, chops to 66.51 WPM.
38.80 would give: 2400/36.80=65.21739, chops to 65.21 WPM.
2. The order of the display: if it really was 38.80, it would be listed after the 36.74 second entry.

-Richard L. Owens

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