There is a small problem in the FL PPC version

Re: I see a conflict between Jim's entry and mine! -- Erwin Franz
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Mon, Dec 02, 2002, 18:45:02 Reply Top Forum

There is a small problem in the FL PPC version, which was first observed by Richard Owens (see link below): The times are correctly displayed but the display of the decimal part of WPMs removes a leading zero in the FL version for the PPC.

For example, you did 32.40 seconds and 2400/32.40 is 74.07 and not 74.7. Andrew Rackcheev has already corrected the error in an internal version which will soon be released with other corrections. See for example how the images show the title as "Dom PerineonInfo" on some machines.

You do not need to do anything at this stage. The times are stored in the registry and when the new version appears, the correct wpm decimals will be shown. Unfortunately the error is not enough to convert my 50+ into an 80 :-)

Jean Ichbiah

PS. Go for it Erwin, with your steady progression, Jenneth will soon have to go back to practicing!
Related link: FitalyLetris for PocketPC display error (42.2 is really 42.02, etc.)

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