Two-styli would be in Thumboard category

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Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Thu, Nov 28, 2002, 09:54:57 Reply Top Forum

The spirit of the contest is for Pocket PC and Palm entries to be entered with a pen -- one pen. Two pens - two hands, or two fingers -- is thumboard category.

Jean Ichbiah

Added on November 30, 2002

I receved a confirmation from Alex that his entry was produced the normal way with a single stylus. (For other entries, please do not mention "single stylus" as this is the expected default.)

Alex had doubts that anyone would ever use two styli. This actually happened with the third best entry of the Dom Perignon II contest, submitted by Jared Feddersen. We were caught by surprise at the time and decided to introduce a second Dom Perignon award, for fairness to other participants going the conventional way.

This was also one of the motivations for having a Thumboard category in DP III for any entry produced with two thumbs or more than one pen. Hannes Frischat, who monitored the DP II Contest, was alerted by a message on another board advocating using a second pen for the space bar. This would be fine as long as it it submitted in the Thumboard category with appropriate explanations.

Jean Ichbiah

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