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Re: RE: How Realistic is the Dom Perignon Test -- John Harms
Posted by MC Skoop , Wed, Nov 27, 2002, 19:57:21 Reply Top Forum

John, Thanks for the information.

After reading this a couple of things come to mind right away,

1. I believe my normal everyday number usage exceeds 1% far and away. I can't say for sure since I am not conducting an investigation into my databases like you are going to but I am over on the number side of my MEST stamp typing numbers all the time. Any phone number is 10 digits long. I would have to enter 990 non number characters for every phone number I enter into my machine to keep the 1% statistic accurate. I use my machine to do my checkbook as well. I am interested to see your findings.

2. I think the test is an excellent idea and I am having fun with it. I think a truer representation of how everyday data would be entered would be "nice" but what we currently have is pretty good. Sure there are some ME strengths that aren't showcased but that would be a small future adjustment. I complement the effort made by the Fitaly people to get sponsorship for this event and provide motivating prizes to the winners. Also for putting up a chat board and encouraging discussion from all text entry methods. A dedicated web site page took work to put up and I commend that. Putting out a program that everyone can use took work too and provides a playing field that anyone can enter. Good job.

MC Skoop

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