Timing Onscreen Keyboards with StopWatch DA

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Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Tue, Nov 26, 2002, 16:51:53 Reply Top Forum

A simple way to do the timing for keyboard is to use a DA Stopwatch. The picture below shows the freeware StopWatch DA 1.1 for the Palm, a stop watch software for the PalmOS, which you can download from http://member.nifty.ne.jp/mmaeda/palmos/swda11.zip

As all DAs, it requires installing the DA Launcher, another freeware which you can download from this link or the one given below. In addition, you need to activate the DA Launcher from X-Master (Hackmaster or TealMaster).

StopWatch DA can be dragged to the position you want and it will stay there. This means you can position it to a place that will show both the text you typed and the time what you need for the screenshot.

When setting up DA Launcher, you can program a simple slide right from the application button to call the last DA. This means you can display the timer and start it before typing. It will disappear as soon as you type. At the end of the test, you can slide again to display it and stop.

As the picture shows, the combination provides a good way to time keyboards that are not programmed as floating windows.

Jean Ichbiah
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